Morning thoughts

my heart is in flight

the captain was headed for trouble
so I took over steering our sail ship,
to get us properly between the dark rocks
I could see in the crystal clear water,
until we landed on the tropical beach

I do not always easily remember my dreams
however, I always remember awaking

I have learned it is always good to check
if a dark mood has tried to overtake me
from within my sleep
… unaware is not the way I wish to start the day

this morning was different
no gremlins

all is quiet this early, country morning
it is still in every direction around me
there is such a great calm in the air
that I feel as if I am breathing it in
suspended within the quietness

from where I lay in my bed
I can see blue sky behind the gray clouds,
and a bright star in the pale blue

the railing now has 4 inches of snow,
last night it was fully 9

these last few days we have had about 45 cm of snow,
which is 15 inches for you imperialist measurers,
and by my calculations
with fresh snow weighing 10 lbs per cubic foot,
(vs. water at 62 lbs per cubic foot)
means I have shoveled approximately 10,000 lbs (4545.45 kgs) of snow
[ that’s Canadian, eh! ]

in this early morning
the loudest thing going on
is the snow melting

the sky is still and great, as in big and wide,
the darkened trees as still as landscapes on mountain canvas

snow occasionally slides off my roof
to meet the autumn’s fallen leaves

it is the loudest thing for miles
even my thoughts have quietened

I try not to think of anything silly
just to now feel all the great peacefulness of Nature
which is in the air, and the world all around me

what a morning

flowing into a long, expanding moment
that has caught me, just right

what a glorious morning


over and outside

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