Coming out of the eco-closet

Ground Zero, first day, first log entry.

You never know when it is going to happen, or as my grandpapa used to say, and more to the point… ‘You never know when YOU are going to happen, so be ready.’

Today, October 07, 2010 is when a part of the bigger me – is going to happen, is starting to happen, dare I even say, ‘is happening’.  Yes, finally I am coming out of the eco-closet!

first day – coming out of the closet for my first eco-blog
… so I also wanted to capture a photo diary

up early at 4:40 am to catch the first ferry off the island to the big smoke, the big city – Vancouver

I can tell that I’m pretty excited because the ferry ramp all lit up like that, well I thought that was great too !

what a morning for my first eco-blog

I just love the changing of the colours at sunrise

here is the before picture, I am on a boat surrounded by water… and all is good in the world.

that’s me, I felt like a kid on the way to his first day at school

what’s one picture, when you can have two, eh ?

that’s the difference two minutes can make during sunrise… can you see                             the colour change ?

the islands look great !

This is when it hit me like a bolt of cosmic lightening: we are always surrounded by water, as we ourselves are 75%-90% water, the Earth is mostly water, even the air is water (humidity), and every rock is made of a significant percentage of water.  Water IS the main element of our lives, of life here on this planet.

This is the kind of realization that must have sparked the ‘big bang’.  If you are a Hindu, that may mean orgasm – strictly speaking, considered as one of the 5 paths to enlightenment (did you know that?… okay, just having a bit of fun, keep your knickers on, or not…) – otherwise, you know the ‘big bang’ is the theory they are trying to peddle as how everything got started… ‘you mean it wasn’t with a Starbucks coffee?’… No, corporate America, no.

It is past consumerism and corporatism that I am evolving, yes I am starting my first eco-blog… and let’s get one thing straight between us right now – I have been around long enough that I actually had a life and did business before that internet, back in the Ice Age.  While we are sharing, I don’t like that word, ‘blog’.

Because it sounds so gosh-darn impersonal, which is part of why things are going all to hell, here on Earth – it’s the not caring about proper things.  So let us stop making unimportant things, important.

Further, this may be a sharing through a public voyeuristic portal into my private diary, it’s still personal, it is still my life.  I am not a commodity, so friend do not be inconsiderate or rude – you are only hurting yourself – instead; say nice, decent or smart things, or simply start your own ‘blog’.  I do care about what you think, you feel and how you live your life, I am asking you to do it well, with grace, decency.

In that vein of this seemingly intravenously charged view into other’s lives, it is time to make a few rules.  Oh sure, someone out there somewhere, might have already done this… but the rules herein, are based on good, old fashioned common sense.

here, this is when reality set in… the after pic (with glasses) and by the look on my face, you now know, that I know that I am in the thick of it… I really WAS coming out of the eco-closet… ahhhhhh ! nothing better than living with a good ‘oops’!  After all I am offering rules for all humans to interact to help participate in the stewardship of this One magnificent place (no silly, not Mcdonalds) – Mother Earth.

So that is why I have to talk about water, the dolphins and Earth.

I have felt Her my whole life, I feel Her presence, grace and power every day.  So I can not contain myself any longer, it is today that I can finally come out of the eco-closet.

I am Joe Earth.  I care about the Earth.  She talks to me, through Nature, sometimes directly so much so that it brings me to tears.  I care about the Earth, and I have something to say about our collective lives here.  I am going to ask you to do more, or maybe just to think differently.

If you think about it for just a moment, you too are ‘joe Earth’, as we all are.  Just like Snoopy is ‘Joe Cool’, every person on this planet is an ‘Earth Joe’.  You just may not have known that, or considered it in this way before, that you too are a class of eco-citizen on this pale blue dot.  We all share Her bounty, Her resources every single moment of every single day, we use the Earth’s resources relentlessly, moment by second.  The air, the water, food, steel for transport, wood, brick for buildings.  Everything comes from the Earth, EVERYTHING, even you.

So then if we’re all in it here together, I propose that we make a few rules – not the stupid ones like taxes, and dumb things they make you do in school, but rules that may help make it simple to live better, to find your bliss and baby, really take on this challenge of good livin’!  Because I believe that if you feel good, if we all feel good, then we will not want to bring harm to ourselves, and because we are the Earth, maybe this is a good thing… I don’t know (well, yes I do), but still it’s your call.

So I’m calling out to you… dare you call back?  Please call back to me, for if we accept that we are the Earth, really you’re then only calling back to yourself – and that’s not a bad feedback loop at all.  Maybe this is just good, old fashioned common sense.

Try and find any of that around now-a-days.

Rules for all humans everywhere to escape apathy, meanness and stupidtry – to participate in a better Earth.

1.     Keep it real, you’re already home.

Unfortunately, keeping it real sounds simple, but maybe not so easy… so here is the expanded version for all the techno-dwebes who have become socially illiterate and completely separated from any natural reality.

2.     Before you speak, act or even think out loud, even to yourself, check in and make sure you are coming from, living from, moving from your own inner core of integrity.  A wheel rolling out of it’s own centre.

3.     Be of the utmost sincerity, and act out of your own authority.

4.     Learn what good manners are, and use them.  Ignore others that don’t.

5.     No negatives, no drama.

6.     Find out what it is that burns inside of you that makes for a passionate life, and follow it, pursue it, and do it.  If you do not know it, find your bliss at all costs.

7.     Never do anything you do not want to do, and do what you love.

8.     Make friends.

9.     Never discard anyone.

10. Speak, write and act as if you are in person, with whomever, you are addressing.

11.  Remember that anonymous, long distance communication is dangerous, in the way that if not done respectfully, it dehumanizes the giver of the message, and demeans the receiver.

12.  Learn to introduce yourself, to look others in the eyes, and shake hands.

13.  Remembering what is important, including names and faces is a deeply appreciated gift.

14.  If you can come to appreciate the tenderness, suddenness, and gift of death early enough in life, use that realization that there are few days left for any of us… live them, follow your bliss.

15.  Give hugs.

16.  Never sell out your ideals, your heart-path, your dreams.

17.  Participate.

Are you ready, for YOU to happen?

wow, Nature is stunningly stupendous

how many shades of blue do you think there are in the world ?

red brings life
blue supports life
black nurtures life
green is life

I am such a small speck on Earth, but ever even more so the minutest of specks in the vast cosmos

so all this Nature… and I can save money too ?!

this is where I crash back to Earth… for a second… let the saving begin because the bank is closed,
it’s 9:43 am and the bank is CLOSED, now that’s a GREAT savings plan

what is the reality of these hours… where’s the sunrise, I gotta get outta here !

when in doubt… find a great coffee place,
there is was… owned for 12 years by a great fellow named Arturo from Lebanon –          great sign

and yes, it was great coffee !

Arturo had this up on his wall – awesome
… he said almost nobody stops to look at it, let alone read it… well, I’m
going to write it out, and share it with you – it’s AWESOME, thank-you Arturo !!


To laugh is to risk appearing the fool

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental

To reach out for another is to risk involvement

To expose feeling is to risk exposing your true self

To place your ideas, your dreams, before the crowd is to risk their loss

To love is to risk not being loved in return

To live is to risk dying

To Hope is to risk despair

To try is to risk failure

But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life, is to risk nothing

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, ans is nothing

He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply

cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love… Live!

Chained by his certitudes, he is a slave,

he has forfeit freedom.

Only a person who risks is Free!

Risk is best with a coffee from Viva!

of course what would the trip back home be without some great Whistler Rocket Chocolate
(yup, you betcha it’s certified organic too !)

joEarth, over and out !

Go Earth, go you !

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