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Organic Standards vs. Organic Fraud

The organic guarantee of purity & integrity
step by step independent Certification
at all 9 stages of production

It’s simple, Organic protocols and standards should include Organic Certification from, Seed to Shelf™.

Seed to Shelf™ Integrity

The integrity of this process involves independent certification at each and all nine stages of production. Seed to Shelf™ means Organic or Biodynamic Certification at each step, from;

√ all seeds are certified organic from the start;
√ all growing methods – on certified farms;
√ to cultivation and
√ harvest methods;
√ transport
(eg. no use syn-chems to clean truck beds);
√ extraction
(cold press or steam distillation only)
*NO excipiants – chemicals like hexane
(so bad!) to obain further chemical extraction
of raw materials);
√ all processing and preparation of ingredients;
√ blending of all ingredients and
√ bottling of the final formulations.

Still yet, there are more proprietary steps to include for the customer and environment’s benefit to complete the product life-cycle… taking more time and care.

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Important Words

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.

The Diary of Anne Frank

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A Better Life… Now playing on YouTube

The true story of how my dad escaped armed border guards and attack dogs to come to Canada, as told by Joseph Borkovic from Organic Trader-TM and what the words ‘a better life’ mean to us…

Visit our YouTube channel to see more of our clips and videos!

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Morning thoughts

my heart is in flight

the captain was headed for trouble
so I took over steering our sail ship,
to get us properly between the dark rocks
I could see in the crystal clear water,
until we landed on the tropical beach

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Customer Service Faux Pas – Is It Really Dead?

I went out for dinner with a friend, to the local pub,
and almost everything about the meal and service – was appalling!

Nothing sets me off more, than going to a business who treats you
as if you don’t really exist, or don’t matter to them… while they are
taking your (hard earned) money for nothing, or almost nothing.
It is a sheer and utter waste of time, a disrespect and a disgrace, period.

Have you ever had such a bad customer service experience ?
I bet I’m not the only one to notice this demeaning robotical behaviour ?…

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Salmon run

internet diary
(dear god, no – please don’t call it a blog)

Nov. 09, 2010
Lest we forget, it is the day before, the day before Remembrance Day.

My morning started with Eagles and ended with salmon stink in Goldstream Forest,
for a rainy morning, it was glorious in the forest, just great to be out amoungst the
450-500 year old red cedar giants.
[ To put that into perspective those trees were alive when Europe
came out of the dark ages. ]
There is one grandfather tree here that at least 700 years old.  It’s life started before the
days of Columbus “discovering” America, only 518 years ago… In 1310 in France, 54
members of the Knights Templar are burned at the stake for heresy. (That stink was
probably worse than the dying salmon stink in the river today… which is natural by the way!)

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Coming out of the eco-closet

Ground Zero, first day, first log entry.

You never know when it is going to happen, or as my grandpapa used to say, and more to the point… ‘You never know when YOU are going to happen, so be ready.’

Today, October 07, 2010 is when a part of the bigger me – is going to happen, is starting to happen, dare I even say, ‘is happening’.  Yes, finally I am coming out of the eco-closet!

first day – coming out of the closet for my first eco-blog
… so I also wanted to capture a photo diary

up early at 4:40 am to catch the first ferry off the island to the big smoke, the big city – Vancouver
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